Excel column header name that has "/" character throws a DuplicateNameException error


I’m trying to get UIpath to extract a column name called “Season/Year” at column index 4 inside an Excel file.

It should be working normally as the rest of other column, however when UIpath read this particular column it would throw off this error:-

So, my initial solution to this problem was removing the “/” inside the “Season/Year” header. and UIPath was able to show output of the column without any issue.

But I still want to keep the header as it is. Can anybody explain to me why “/” gave me an error and how I could get around it?

Can you try manually creating data table (Build Data Table Activity) with column name “Season/Year” and check if it works or not.

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Hi @harizd
First of all this error will not occur if there is no duplicate columns. Can you please check is there any other columns with the same name as Season/Year. When you are removing ‘/’, the column names are differing, hence you are not getting duplicate column error. (If you can upload your excel, we can look into it once.)
You can try with Build data table but that UiPath studio will not allow to Build a datatable with column name having ‘/’.
Other solution to your problem is, when you are reading data from excel, start the range excluding the header and don’t check the Add Header checkbox. Thus you get unique system generated column names for each column(Column0, Column1, Column2,…). Use these column names as key to access you columns,
Hope this is helpful!


Ah! there is a duplicate column. I didn’t notice it before :sweat_smile: Thank you for pointing this out

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