Always showing first duplicate column name

Hi, I have an query why uipath showing always first duplicate column name, if there are many duplicate are column headers are there in the excel.

Ex. My excel has headers like this.

Name | Name | ID | ID | DOB | DOB

IF you notice once come into the Excel Application Scope, then Read Range so bot will show only Name is duplicate in the Data Table, but if we see we have all three Name, ID and DOB are duplicate why alwasy showng first duplicate value, why not showing all duplicate value in the exception field. @Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando @HareeshMR


whenever Exception occur Name is duplicate in the datatable then they do not go ahead to check other Exception occured or not. just throw exception

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Thanks for the response sandeep, so it will not show the rest of the duplicate value right?

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After you remove Duplicate Name column then Exception occur that Duplicate ID in the datatable


Okay understand, One more thing,

If I want to capture all the duplicate from the sheet how can I do this??
Bcs I have to send all duplicate headers name to customer.

Use update status active
you can filter the status send the customer email

I didn’t not understand, can you explain me more

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So usually when a process is using excel application scope activity and a read range,
This is sequence of action
—it first looks for a excel file with the help of if provided input file path
—then will check the sheet name with given input in sheetname field
—next it will look into first row
Here is your answer when looking at first row it will check with the property first whether it is to be taken as a Header or not
If no then fine no worries if having even duplicates
If yes then it will start to look at each column from index one that is from the first column then second and goes on…

—so after taking the first column and seeing the same name in the second column the process gets interrupted as it has the same column name and thus the execution gets stopped abruptly and shows us the column name which is duplicate

—now if we change the column name then execute the same process the same sequence of action will again be processed and if any upcoming columns have any duplicates adjacent to each other then process gets interrupted again as before

So it goes in sequence and if any one fails on the go it will stop there and shows us that exception

Hope this would help you
Cheers @balkishan

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Thanks palani for your answer. can you please let me know, If I want to capture all duplicate name is it possible?
Like a excel coming from client, and we have to tell them the all duplicate value.

yah instead of getting them as a column header get them as a row and we can find the duplicate in them as how we come to know the duplicate in a array

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would it be possible to explain it more.

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