Excel Chart displays incorrectly

Dear all,

I am having issues with a Chart in Excel.

I am downloading an Excel file from Sharepoint on a daily basis.
I update this file (add a new line to it in a data table, paste the result over the old data; the Chart is also including the new line).
I extract the Chart as picture (to send it as screenshot later in an email).

For all this, I have to use different kinds of Activity packages because the standard Excel activities from UiPath won’t cover what I need during the complete process. (I am using version 2020.10, btw.)
So I also installed Balareva Excel and EasyExcel. Because only both together can cover the rest. (Like add new sheet or apply correct cell width. I guess it’s possible of course with normal VB code, though…)

Original file looks like this:

Units are 10 Days.

After updating the table, the file looks like this:
Units are set automatically to 10 Months.

The extracted chart as image (using Balareva’s EasyExcel Chart Image Extract Activity) looks like this:
Unints are shown as every 14 days.

I want to keep the original version.
Also, the extracted image shows decimal comma separator in the y-axis that is not needed.

Someone knows the solution?
Maybe have a VB code to be invoked at that point?

Thanks for your support on this.


Hi @Juli

Please look at this…



Hi @Anil_G,

thanks for the links.
Unfortunately, I don’t know if this is really useful? I can’t see if there is any option to set the x-axis to show “10 days”. I am not really good at VB Code.

With balareva activity, the export also always looks different, depending on I don’t know what. Position of Mars? :sweat_smile:

For the correct chart design inside the excel file, I think I will end up doing it with clicking around, which I wanted to avoid.

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To let any reader of this topic know:

I solved it like this:

After all updates to the table, I opened the file in the Excel Application Scope (UiPath.Excel.Activities), then added the modern “Use Application” (UiPath.UIAutomationNext.Activities.NApplicationCard) inside the Body of the Excel application scope and used modern clicks and hotkeys to navigate to the chart menu and settings to adjust the Axis to my needs.

And save the workbook.

I reopen it in the Excel Process Scope (UiPath.Excel.Activities.Business.ExcelProcessScopeX) and use the Get Chart Activity to save as a picture.

Like this, also the picture of the Chart shows the correct Axis settings.

Currently a stable workaround :slight_smile:

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