Excel cell change

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I have a question.

If today I want to write text in cell A1 but tomorrow I have to write text in cell A2. Now, is it necessary to change everytime write cell activity?

Sounds like you shouldn’t be using Write Cell. You should be using Append Range. It automatically writes the data to the next empty row in the spreadsheet.

Hi @Sabbir_Anwar ,I hope you are doing well.
See your question can be approached in 2 ways.

1)Firstly, if you are not sure which row your data should always start writing in its next run you can always pass the RowIndex as an asset value and provide it your write range activity. So whatever RowIndex is dynamically passed through assets it will right in that row itself nothing changes in code you have to do and you will have the control on which row it should write in.

2)Secondly, using append range activity instead of write range activity which will write your data automatically in the next empty row it finds.

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Hello @Sabbir_Anwar , If you set your parameter in dynamic way, its possible
Try this steps:

  1. Read the Excel sheet without header as a variable DT
  2. Take count of DT using"DT.Rows.Count"
  3. Use write cell activity, and cell paameter set as “A”+DT.Rows.Count.toString
    Its dynamic way of write cell activity.

Gokul Jai