HTTP request BAD DATA error

Hello guys. Im doing a API call from excel file to HTTP request. The request works in application/x-www-form-urlencoded body format. I need to upload a photo to API using this link to the photo but I keep getting the R400 (Bad data) error { "msg": "array (\n 'photo' => '[ERROR] file does not exist',\n)", "status_code": "R400" }
Can someone please explain this to me? I tried it like yesterday and it worked.

The parameters of HTTP request look like this:

The excel file looks like this:

Im doing it through excel because the api only accepts one request at a time, because I have to make multiple requests, it was easier for me to program it by looping it with for each in Dt table.
The API specifications for the photo segment:

Deeper explanation. In a specific column I have to put multiple url’s. The collumn accepts String" [
]" value. How do you write a String"[ ]" value?