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Hi All,

Good morning.

Anyone Kindly help me to resolve the issue which I am facing.
i.e. As in the attachment I need to change the value “4” to “1” it can be one value(4) or many values(4), need to change in excel last column write digit “1” in place of “4”.

Under column Headerr the digit “4” may come one time or multiple time whatever the count I need replace 4 with 1.!

which are highlighted (4) to be replace with 1

Hi @HeartCatcher

Proceed like this

The code used

Sub (row)
	row("Headerr") = row("Headerr").ToString.Replace("4","1")
End Sub)

Hi @kumar.varun2,

Can you please explain a bit more how to do that(I mean where I need to paste the code).
thanks for your time.

My code is as in the attachment.


Please refer the attached xaml file

Replace 4 with 1.xaml (5.1 KB)

Hi @kumar.varun2,

Thanks very much for your support its working fine.

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