Excel Automation writing sheets data into a single sheet

store_location_url_data_1.xlsx (313.3 KB)

consider sheet Aberdeen township and barnegat,here If Item Name matches in both the sheets then write its corresponding price in the sheet summary of column Abeerdeen township and vice versa…

Hi @Suthari_RohithReddy ,
We can use append range with data table similar columns
I see file have 3 types:
2 sheet is are 1 type format
and 1 sheet summary we keep it- that’s right?
and from after it to end are 1 type

to merge them - we have 3 sheets,
That’s right?
pls confirm or clear your requirement

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basically,it’s apart from store_list_1,sheet_1 …we need to work on summary and rest…if item name in summary and rest sheets matches then write its corresponding price value in the summary sheet in its corresponding column name

Hi @Suthari_RohithReddy ,
I just reviewed the summary sheet
It seems that it is a sheet that summarizes the other sheets

we need get from each sheet then fill to summary sheet by key is name
that’s right?

pls confirm it

Thats right… Need to enter the values into it

Ok, I will try it now
I want to ask about “Sheet 1”, “Store_list_1”, “sheet2”
the templete file have them ?
index of them in file is permanent?
can I edit input file dont have them?
or Can I edit input file all of them in top of list sheet or end of list sheet?
this way will help us complete easier,
tell me your comments about my suggest

let it be in any way …but we want the output in said format

OK, i will send xaml to you

share me output excels as well as xaml

my output
store_location_url_data_1.xlsx (380.5 KB)

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share the xaml as well…lemme look into it

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Main.xaml (17.9 KB)
my .xaml file

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the output is not correct