Excel Automation writing sheets data into a single sheet

it only appended the data in the respected columns but the condition is, if the item name matches in summary sheet and the store sheets then the corresponding value to be written in summary sheet in the respected columns.

what is condition in here, can you tell about it more to clear
we need compare with each item name → that’s right?

for examle : in the section of soft taco in summary sheet ,it should write the value of soft taco of abeerdeen township and so on …but just look at the column newark in summary sheet …in the field of soft taco it wrote the rolled chicken value.

it’s like if the name matches then only it should write the value else leave it empty

I really don’t understand, you can give an example with 1 sheet with illustrations

Well… Will send you an sample tomorrow

in sheet abeerdeen township the value of soft taco is $1.99,and let Soft Taco in barnegat be $1.59,and in bayonne be $1.89…so here Soft Taco is common right.So the in summary sheet at the place of Soft Taco it should write the values of soft taco only

ping me when u get free…i better clear u in a 10min meet

sr reply late, I busy in weekend, you can clear your requirements by image or example?

here ,the column C is Barnegat right.So now let us consider an item called “Power Menu Bowl - Veggie” and its value is “$6.59”.

so even in the summary sheet ,at the row item of “Power Menu Bowl - Veggie” it should write “$6.59”.But it has written as “$1.69”.

So here what am saying is to consider the item name first .If the item name matches then it should write its corresponding value in the corresponding column of summary sheet.

guess u r clear now…if not lets connect in a meet for 10 min so i could clear you in a better way.

Ok, I see, It need compare with Item_Name to get correct prices
I was subjective, thinking that they were arranged in the same order in the sheets, but their number and order were different, right?
We need to add a match condition with the name before writing the price. It’s not too difficult. I’m at work at the company. I’ll test it tonight. After about 2 hours, I’ll send you the new code. let you check

thats right …and also i need help with the other as well…it’s also related to excel automation

ok, i see, now i go home then i will try it, I will send code to you,
we will complete each issue,

GST Portal (04 to 08).xlsx (1.7 MB)
GST Purchase Register Report vr4 (04 TO 08).xlsx (791.3 KB)

scenario1: If GSTIN in gstr2a sheet of portal file and Bill to GSTIN of sheet1 in Portal register file matches then (IGST-Total IGST Tax Amount=a),(CGST-Total CGST Tax Amount=b), (SGST-Total SGST Tax Amount=c) and write the values of a,b,c in new columns of both the sheets

scenario 2: If GSTIN and INVOICE NO in gstr2a sheet of portal file and Bill to GSTIN and Party Ref. No of sheet1 in portal register file matches then (CGST+Total CGST Tax Amount=d) and write d value in separate column in both sheets

scenerio 3: in gstr2a and sheet1 ,find how many times particular GSTIN and Bill to GSTIN is repeating i.e,count of the element

Hello, good morning
Have you done the changes ?

Hi @Suthari_RohithReddy ,
I have result but it cost about 50s/1 sheet, we have about 100 sheets, total time is too large, I’m find other solution to faster

send me the xaml for now so that i can check on it once

Main.xaml (38.4 KB)
This is now way

have u checked this one ?