Excel Automation - Tally the records for a total value and retain mathematical sign(Minus)

Hello Everyone,

  1. Compare two excel based on Id, Price and FX
  2. Once the matching records are found, two things need to be done
    a) Check whether the values for ‘Qty’ column is identical(ignore the sign)
    If yes, proceed to b)
    Else, proceed to c)
    b) Check whether the sum of “Qty” values tallies with “Bank” record which is highlighted in red
    c) Update the “Qty” values as per Excel 2 values

Please find the screenshot. Am desperately looking for help

My idea is to convert this value to string.
Next, Robot looking for Substring (0,1). If first char is “-” look for second position without minus.

Thanks for the response @pllo2ptk but how do verify the summation? Am working on it though. But any inputs would be appreciated