Compare Two Amounts from Different type of Variables

Hello ,

Query : I am getting two Values that I want to compare and on that basis have to update my Excel Column.

Value 1 : From Extracted Website’s Data Table (EX: $-222.22)
Value 2 : From Excel’s Filter Data table (EX: -222.22)

Have to check if match or not.

I am getting both values by Assign variables and now not able to match those.


So in the website data $ is there ad inthe excel data $ is not there ryt?

If that is yhe case you can append a $ symbol to the value from excel and do the comparison.

For example if value from excel is -22,222 then append $ and make it to $-22,222

I’ve tried that but still it is fetching without $.
Can you explain me how should I achieve ?

Also How to match those in IF Condition :
I’ve two string variables which are fetching those amounts.

Can you let me know the expression to use for mach amount?

@PALKUMARI_PATEL It was not able to compare values since the first value includes $. So, you have to replace it first and then compare. You can use below exp to replace then compare the values by converting to double since the value includes decimals

If(System.Text.RegularExpressions.regex.IsMatch(Str1,"[$]"), System.Text.RegularExpressions.regex.Replace(Str1,"[$]", "").Trim, Str1)

Str1 is the variable that contains $-222.22

Check attached workflow for ref (2.9 KB)

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@PALKUMARI_PATEL Please mark as solution and close the thread so that it helps others facing with the same/similar issue

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This is really helpful @ushu . Thank you so much.

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