Excel Automation in Studio X

Please Help… Is there a way to add + 2 value in the value of the image below…
I use find in studioX to identify where the robot will write the data.


Hi @flashdrive07

Could you share the input excel file.


@mkankatala this is just a sample file…

Opportunities.xlsx (21.9 KB)

Hi @flashdrive07

You need to get the output as B12 right if I’m not wrong. Please specify


yes that is right… and i can take care of the others

Hey @flashdrive07
you can use regular expression to do this:


working workflow you can find here:
NewBlankTask19.zip (68.8 KB)

Hi @flashdrive07

Check out the below process:

After Find/Replae value activity use the below syntaxes in Set Variable Value activity:

Set Variable Value-> column= System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(foundX,"[A-Za-z]+").Value.Trim()

Set Variable Value-> cal= Convert.ToInt32((System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(foundX,"(?<=[A-Z]+)[0-9]+").Value.ToString.Trim()))

Set Variable Value-> cal=cal+2

Set Variable Value-> output= String.Concat(column+Cal.ToString)

Note: cal is of DataType System.Int32. column is of DataType System.String. output is of DataType System.String.


Attaching the process flow of Studio X below:
Forum Task 2.zip (184.7 KB)

Hope it helps!

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Thanks Again Everyone!!!

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