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hi, when i input the activity “matches”, I have to enter the value for regex. any idea how the formula comes about?

Hi @SamanthaGoh

What actually you are trying to do ??

can you please elaborate more

can you share the input and expected output

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im trying to convert my pdf invoice into excel. this is the tutorial video i am refering to. Using Regular Expression Extract Data from Multiple files (PDF & Word) and Convert into Excel file - YouTube

Hi @SamanthaGoh

You can try your regex on the following sites

And after that as per below img

Within Properties Panel
Value for Pattern will be the regex you want to apply on the input variable
Value for input will be the Input Variable in which input Data is Store.

You can try and refer below thread as practise

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I found this tutorial very good specifically for understanding regex.


This is a wonderful video - thank you for sharing. How are you using regex in StudioX? And for which purpose?

I use it in just plain Studio with the “Matches” activity.

Check out my Regex Mega post for everything you need to know (hopefully) :wink:


Is it possible to use regex in an organized way in studio x? I managed once but I think it should be possible in a simpler way. anyone an example? I would only like to keep the top line of text if there are multiple lines. :thinking:

Hi @Ella… what you exactly mean by “organized way” ?

Share the example text and the output you are expecting …will look into it…

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