Excel automation copy row 2

Hello all I want here , copy or read the row 2 from sheet2 in abc.xlsx and want to paste in another new excel. i have so many files. want to perform this process. but want all row 2 of sheet come in new excel. like append one by one. how it is possible

Hi! what i understand from your query is:

you have too many excel sheets but you want to copy the column 2 data from sheet2 and paste it in another sheet am i right?

if yes, please follow the below steps:

1.Excel Application Scope pass the file path
2.Read range activity read sheet2 output as S2Dt
3.Assign Activity create one variable col2=CurrentRow(“YourColumnName”).ToString
4.Take one filter data table. mention input dt as S2Dt and mention output dt (Crate one more variable type System.Data.DataTable) as OutputDt
5. In filter rows check as keep and column as col2 operation Is Not Empty then click ok. and click on output columns same set as keep mention column as Col2
6.Take one more Excel Application Scope pass the same file path.
7.Take write range and mention the dt as OutputDt and give the sheet name as "Output"


Hi @dhanashree22

Is the headers are constant at all the files?