Excel application scope replaces existing spreadsheet with an empty one

I have a weird problem where whenever I execute an ‘Excel Application Scope’ the spreadsheet I am trying to open gets deleted and replaced with an empty spreadsheet of the same name.

Any ideas?

is your excel is opened while running the bot?

No. I have also tried it with and without the Visible box checked. Same result.

Can you please share your xaml

It’s OK - I have solved my own problem! If you leave off the extension (.xlsx) of the file name in the WorkbookPath it will not find the spreadsheet and so creates a new one WITH the extension. This results in the original file being replaced by a new empty one. (A tiny bug?)

Could you give your Excel package version and office version?
It would help confirm the bug.

Excel 2016 MSO (16.0.8730.2165) 32-bit
Office 365 Business Version 1711 (Build 8730.2165)