Excel Application Scope Not Useful

Hi All,
I am new in RPA development.
These days I have question in Excel Application Scope Activity, sometimes I can use it perfectly, but in some way it can not use, because when I use it, the excel’s tile that I open is grey which means it’s not activate, so the activity inside the scope could not run perfectly, how should I solve the problem.
Thanks all.

What are you trying to accomplish?

Do you have screenshots and can you describe in step by step what you’ve done?

In this Excel Application Scope Activity,
if the title like the first image, it can not run any activity in the scope,

but if the title like above is not grey, it can run perfectly

It’s kind of that in the first situation that the excel is not the current active window.
Thanks again.

Hi @LuoVam
I think you are performing operations in excel scope application having two same name of excel sheet

But this excel only have one sheet.

Can you upload xaml file

Hi @Sandeep_3
I don’t have the permission to upload attachment,

just like this.

Hi @LuoVam,

Can you try to use “On Element Appear” Activity
It will help to resolve your issue

Hi @Naveen.Ch
I have no idea how to use this activity according to the official guide.
Can you tell me how to ues? Thanks a lot.

Hi @LuoVam,

Please find the attached screen shot

1.Click on excel header
2.properties panel select Wait active
3.it will return ui element use ui element

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Hi @Naveen.Ch
It works well.

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