Excel Application Scope not showing Excel message boxes and errors


I am currently using Excel Application Scope (EAS) to make some format changes in excel. The bot is using the “Find and Replace” function in excel.
Normally if you use the same function in excel manually, and after completing the find and replace function it would give you this message.

However, when I run the bot, the Excel Application Scope opens the excel file. After it finds and replaces, the message box does not appear anymore. I have also tried finding something that does not exist in the excel file and replacing it. Excel does not show the message box that the item searched does not exist and the bot continues with its tasks.
Does this happen because Excel Application Scope has a special way of opening the excel file which ignores showing message boxes? If it does is there any way where I can get the message box to show?
Thanks very much.

Are you using hotkey operations on excel?


Hi @kieranwong

Please try to using EasyExcel activity to do that
it’s a very nice activity to handle excel.


I used “CRTL + H” to open “Find and Replace” function. After that I used “type into” to type into the excel text boxes

Is replace working fine or not?
when you are manually use this keys is it showing that box?

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The replace is working fine. However, when I tested with a phase that cannot be found in the excel sheet, the replace function continues without sending an error like this.

Thanks for your suggest but I am not allowed to download and use extract packages.

Yah that’s correct
And to get that message pop up to come in foreground

We need to elope the excel file with START PROCESS activity by passing the file path of the excel as input to FileName property
Once after opening use Send hot key activity with key as ctrl+f
Then use Type into activity and search for the term we want
And use Click activity to click on search button

If any pop up message of error message came to handle that either click activity to click on OK button or use Send hot key activity with key as enter to click on that button

Cheers @kieranwong

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Thank you very much would try this out !

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It will come when there is nothing to replace
so u can handle this by Element Exist
If above element exist then click on Ok
else leave
Similarly u will get for replace

Thank you @Natapong


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