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I am new to Uipath. I am facing a weird issue in Uipath whenever i am trying to run excel application scope the bot is creating some dummy instances of an excel sheet and it is coming up in the datatable. Any operation that is performed on the datatable treats the instances as separate excel file and trying to perform the operation and getting error. Kindly suggest how to get the issue resolved.
The name of the instances are coming up as ~$XYZ Pty Ltd.




I think you have enabled the hidden items option in the folder options. That’s why it is showing as separate file. Whenever you open an excel file it would create an instance of the file name as you mentioned “~$XYZ” just disabled it and try again.

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Hi @Ankita_Biswas_SDC_Ko

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Your using workbook activities before run workflow please close excel file
If your using excel activities follow the below steps.

1.Use excel application activity pass the excel path where you save that file.
2.Next use Read Range activity create output Data table variable.
3.And then use write range activity pass data table variable.

Kommi Jeevan.

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Can you show us your work flow to easily address the issue @Ankita_Biswas_SDC_Ko

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uncheck the visible in excel application scope

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Kindly go to DESIGN Tab in studio → Manage Packages → Project Dependencies → and imuninstall the excel package and reinstall the same package by searching that from Official tab
—and once after installing restart the studio and try once
—along with this use a KILL PROCESS Activity before excel application scope and mention the process name property as “EXCEL” so that it will kill any background running process with excel application

—and also if we are facing any issue still with EXCEL related activities then try with WORKBOOK related activities that is search in activity panel as Workbook and it will list the same se of activities that we have in excel activities package also

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Ankita_Biswas_SDC_Ko

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