Excel Append Range Activites Not Saving Data


I have one process that is using 2 append range activities to different sheets at the same time under one excel application scope.

here is an example -

For some reason, the data is not saving to an excel file sometimes. I tried using visible, adding delay in between. None working so far. it saved to sheet1 without a problem, only having problems saving into sheet2 (it’s not working all the time.) any idea to solve it ? Or should i use each excel application scope for each append activity…


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You are using Excel activities where it requires Excel Application Scope and inside you need those activities to place

Else use Excel workbook activities where you didn’t require any Excel Application Scope activity


Also there was some error showing in dt_1 & dt_2

Check the variable scope also

Hope this helps you


I was just showing an example, both append range are inside excel application scope and the error is due to me using example dt_ variables…


OK, can you share the workflow where you are getting error?

before append range activity you can place output datatable activity and message box to check whether the datatable is returning any rows or not

Hope this helps you


There is no error. The data is not saving every time that’s all. I already tried with debug mode

@Srini84 Any ideas what the issue could be?


Are you facing the same issue?

I didn’t see this type of issue before, if you can provide me the required samples which you are getting issue, then maybe we can figure it out


I ended up using 2 excel application scope’s as it wasn’t working all time under the same scope for different sheets. May be a bug?