Append Range - file workbook is not working


since yesterday my workflows with append range activity used are failing, robot stops and not responding. As a workaround im using the excel scope, append range. I dont know why it suddenly not working the workflow i have been using it quite a long time. anyone facing same issue.

May I know what was the error you were getting

Kindly use KILL PROCESS with process name property mentioned as “EXCEL” and use this activity before EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE activity with that Append range so that sometimes the issue with excel file being user background can be avoided

cheers @sunilch

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Hi Palaniyappan,

Thank you for the response.
whenever the Append Range activity comes Robot hangs becomes not responding and also not throwing any error. Anyway using the Append Range with excel application scope i’m not facing any issues.

I am facing the same issue. Anyone found out the reason behind this issue?


Is there any update on the Microsoft office tools version you are using?

Also if there is any security patch happened for the windows operating system, then this issue may occur.

There is no upgrade to the Microsoft Office tools. It started failing all of a sudden. Could this issue be related to the amount of data/rows in the Excel file?


Data could be a parameter, but check any windows update happened?