Excel app/Read Cell error if cell is blank


I can’t see this mentioned here, maybe I’ve been searching wrong or unlucky finding. I currently have a process which reads 35 cells from across an excel workbook, stores them as variables, and fills in a word memo. It was working fine until someone returned a file without having filled in a cell as required. If it was a string I’m sure it would have been fine, but it’s a double, so…if the cell is blank I get the following error:

System exception.DoubleConverter cannot convert from (null)

How do I tell UiPath to check the cell, if it’s blank say “BLANK” or something similar, otherwise give the value as a double. I assume an if statement, but not sure how I’d read a cell which might be blank ( which is mainly where I’m stuck). I feel I will have to apply this learning to all 35 cell reads, although with generic and string it doesn’t seem to be an issue.


Please check this link

How do i know if a cell is empty?.

Hope that helps.

Hi @Alex_Cross

U can use string.isnullorempty(row(0).ToString)



I’m currently using an output variable of double, as it’s a number in the cell, any other output it won’t seem to read it properly, and if double it won’t read if blank, that’s my issue? Trying genericvalue now to see if that helps. I know how to check if an output variable is blank, I just can’t get an output variable if it is blank, if that makes sense :slight_smile:

Generic seems to work, let’s see how it handles the memo at the end