Examples of HTTP Request using Digest autentication


I’m trying to consume an API that uses Digest as authentication method, but I keep getting status code 401 - Unautorized.
Iv’e tried passing my username and password both as simple authentication and as parameters in the call.

Can anyone give xaml examples on how to access a webservice that requires Digest MD5 authentication.

Getting access through SoapUI works flawlessly.

@Michaeljep - have you tried with postman? if yes - can you share both postman & http request-> properties screenshots?

I haven’t tried Postman, I use SoapUI instead. But there the connection works great.

Is this what you are asking for?

@Michaeljep - same one…
are you using soap envelop body while calling the api?

This is the body that is passed as a string

are you passing the same details in http request body ?
and the input accept type as xml?

Yes to both, the body is exactly like that, just send through made as a string in " ".

can you share the http request activity properties?

it’s probably something easy, I just have the feeling Iv’e tried almost anything.

I have tried adding the username and password in both, Headers; Parameters and as simple autentication, but none of them is working.

The only Header that is being sent is the SOAPAction.


Any input on this? I’m totally stuck - It really strange that I get access through SoapUI but not when trying the same through Uipath.

@Michaeljep - can you pls add in accept-encoding as gzip, deflate in headers

you lost me there, is it done inside Studio or?

@Michaeljep - there could be some headers missing between soapui & uipath
Can you run fiddler and execute api in soapui & http request - get the complete header/body details … based on that we can set the correct/missing objects in uipath httprequest.

example of details -
Get/Post https://example.com/request.service HTTP/1.1
Pragma: no-cache
Accept: application/json
User-Agent: RestSharp/
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 319
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
Connection: Keep-Alive


Can it be done without Fiddler as I can’t install it on the server :frowning:

This is the RAW details and log info from SoapUi, maybe that gives a clue of what to do next.

And this shows that the server is challenged to get access.

I managed to run the requests in Fiddler, but it doesn’t really help me. There is nothing in Fiddler that isn’t in SoapUI and Uipath.


Any good ideas on how to proceed?

Any one else got some ideas?

any good ideas how to proceed?


I still haven’t solved this issue, where does it go wrong.

The API I’m trying to access uses Digest - MD5-sess authentication. As I see it, Postman fills in the “missing” headers upon the second request which Uipath doesn’t - at least thats my assumption as I only get a 401 Unauthorized response.

I have tried reading Postmans explanations to the authentication, and tried to type in the missing headers in Uipath, but still no luck.

Then I have tried as below
Make the request and got the response header
Extracted the WWW-Authentication and assigned it to a variable
And send it back in the second request - This time I get an 400 Bad request error instead of 401 unauthorized.

I was thinking if the response header should be split into these fields, instead of the approach I have tried.

Can anyone help on how to approch this API that uses Digest?

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