Example of using Text Automation (at UiPath Studio Guide) Step 13 double click on the 3rd amount gives message Text was not found

Hello, I’m trying to follow this example: Example of using Text Automation
But when I run the automation I get this error:

I tried

  • changing the zoom of IE to 50% so that “Amount” is visible on screen
  • changing the zoom of IE to 250% so that “Amount” is very readable
  • changing “amount” to “Amount:” in case it is case sensitive and/or needs the “:”
  • change the occurence to 1
  • reindicate the region on screen
  • indicate a bigger region on screen that contained all 3 amounts
  • changing the selector to contain the parent as well (without css)

I’m running out of inspiration :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyone any suggestions?


Hi @ivandeca

Could you try setting the SendWindowsMessages like here:

It is strange, because the example works for me out-of-the-box.

Hi @loginerror

I tried setting the SendWindowsMessages as you suggested, but that does not help.
I still get the same error message.

However: with SendWindowsMessages on, and Occurence set to 1 or Occurence set to 3 with a broader selection that contains all 3 “Amounts”, it works like a charm.

So, I digged a little deeper and deselected the SendWindowsMessages checkbox (with occurence set to 3 and the broader selection): it still worked.

Then I noticed that today IE opened on my big screen (with the 3 amount fields visible on screen), whereas last timed it opened on my smaller laptop screen (with het 3 amount fields not visible on screen).
So I tried it on my laptop screen again, and … there’s the error again.
So I suppose visibility plays a role in this?

Actually, if you check our docs, it is expected behaviour:

This basically means that if the text is hidden (not visible on the screen), you will need to use the SendWindowsMessages option :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying this one.
In my opinion it is not always clear what is meant by “in the background”. I thought it meant “application is up and running”. Well, IE is up and running… I never would have figured out that it could also mean “not visible”.

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