"Using Text Automation" tutorial not giving expected results


I’m very new to UiPath and am going through the tutorials and exercises. In the “Using Text Automation” tutorial, I am getting the result “Euro does not appear in the table.”, even though “Euro” is in the table. The solution provided by UiPath gives the same result. Either I am misunderstanding what the exercise is supposed to do, or there is some kind of issue. Can someone please explain?

Thank you!

Hi WendyS,

Could you provide a link to the tutorial? is it in the academy?

The link is Example of using Text Automation.

Hello @WendyS,

Please debug the code, wherever you are confused the print the value. I am sure you will find it out.


Hi, welcome to the community!
My advice to you is download the finished project in the bottom of the page and run it to see if all works, if yes, you can then compare yours with that to see where is different.

@WendyS, what Browser are you using? the example it’s in IExplore. I’m using Chrome and I’m actually having the same issue as you. Maybe chrome is just not loading the full table, maybe the activity it’s not working when text is not visible (because only if I manually scroll down to the position where Euro is visible, I get a True).

Checking the example, i think it’s not up to date. Checking the selector from uiPath for get text it seems like Euro appears at the top of the table, while you are seeing it at row 55 (if it’s like me)…

My recomendation: don’t use Text Exists.

Hi Bruno. I did that, and am getting the same result.

I’m using IE. And, yes, I’m seeing it at row 55. And you’re right, it needs to be visible on the first page. Also, it needs to match whatever you “Indicate on screen”.

For example, if I “Indicate on screen” Afghan afghani, the Text Exists activity will only find Afghan afghan, Afghan, or afghanii. It will not find Emirati dirham or Albanian lek.

Which makes me wonder two things: When would you ever use the Text Exists activity? And how would you scan the entire table for a given value?

Again, I’m very new to UiPath so hopefully I’ll figure these things out in time.

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi WendyS,

Regarding how would you scan the whole datatable: well, If you’ve done the first half of the tutorial then you already go it! If you know the column where to search the value, then you can iterate with a For Each Row loop and find if the value exists (or better yet, use the dataTable function .Select to filter by the value). If you don’t know in which column is going to be then use the string coming from the Output Datatable activity, and use the function .Contains (Of course, this is not a great method because you wouldn’t know where the text you are looking for appears).

Thank you!