Exam Format

What is the format of the exam for the Associate and Developer level? Is there no more practical part? Is it all multiple choice?

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Did you get some answers? I’m looking for them, but no luck for now.

Hi @jlev11

You can do certifications in ‘academy.uipath.com
In each module there will be lessons relating to each topic in UiPath and there will be some practical scenarios where you will be asked to do and also quiz(multiple choice questions) at the end of the session.


Thanks @Bhushan_1718 but this is not what we are asking for:).
The question is about examination - what is it look like? Is there a quiz, and then an assessment? Or quiz only?
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I have the same question about Associate Certification. How much parts have this certification ?, It have a theorical and practice parts ? or It have only one parte that it’s the theorical exam ?


The UiPath Certified Professional exams are designed to include the following question types:

  • Multiple Choice

    • Straight-forward questions and straight-forward questions with graphics
    • Scenario-based questions
      • Excellent way to promote higher-level thinking
      • Scenarios with graphics to make the question more realistic when assessing skills
    • Graphics as answer choices
    • Code as answer choices
  • Build List and/or Drag and Drop

    • Designed to test a candidate’s understanding of a particular “process”
    • Involves logical thinking and reasoning by the candidate
  • Advanced Types (included in Multiple Choice, Build List, Drag/Drop, Case Studies)

    • Media: Video, Flash
    • Active Screens: Allows interaction and automatic scoring with different display elements
      • Emulate a user’s interaction with UiPath Studio and/or Orchestrator displays
      • Fully integrated with other question types
      • No need to exit the testing event

An exam participant may receive several or all question types.

For more information about what the include and practice tests, the exam descriptions can be found here:

Associate - https://www.uipath.com/hubfs/Academy/UiPath%20Certified%20RPA%20Associate%20v1.0%20-%20EXAM%20Description.pdf

Advanced - https://www.uipath.com/hubfs/Academy/UiPath%20Certified%20Advanced%20RPA%20Developer%20v1.0%20-%20EXAM%20description.pdf