Hi my company is planning to use RPA to automate some tasks.

I tested with UIPath CE and found it very useful in uploading/downloading some data but I’m trying to fit the solution into other areas where it needs to get the data across to another system like ETL process.

I don’t see where I can map data from columns in an Excel file to columns in a database (for example). In ETL (the one used by my comp), they can map input fields to output fields very quickly. How do I do that in UIPath CE? Anyone has any RPA+ETL integration before? Sorry for the noob questions. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advanced.


There are 2 things

(a) UiPath should not be used as a replacement of ETL, UiPath should be used to automate the processes in ETL.
(b) UiPath is not an ETL tool, hence doesn’t have any such features like field mapping etc…
But you can write a workflow to Extract or Transform or Load the data in UiPath, but involves lot of coding.

Hmmm…thanks so much for the advise and save a lot of my time. That’s a bummer.

“UiPath should be used to automate the processes in ETL.” - Do you mean it’s better to use it to prepare data for ETL or take the data from ETL for data entry?

Yes, in addition if there is any manual intervention in ETL that can be automated using UiPath

Hi, I use one ETL for mapping. Can anyone help me in ETL tool to UiPath interaction?

HI @ankita.G

I think I may be able to help you in this case as I have the ETL background. May I know what exactly you are trying to do in little detail?