Errror: make sure Excel is installed (i have uninstalled wps office if it is having wps by default it is taking wps)) But i wants to work with Microsoft Offiice Pls Help me

Hi all,

1.i’m working with excel application scope, it is showing error while writing cell
the error is "Make Sure Excel is Installed"

Note: My machine was installed with Microsoft Office 2013
manually im able to open Excel,
2. Whenever i work with WPS office its working fine, so i have uninstalled wps the i got
above (1)

Thanks in Advance


Did we try with WORKBOOK Activities
In activity panel search as Workbook, that will list all the activities in it
It has the same set of activities that we have from EXCEL ACTIVITY packages

Cheers @vamshiRaghava_Midjil

Hi Palaniyappan,

Thanks for your responce
Im having all workbook activities and it worked fine with wps
whenever i tried to work with MS Excel above error shown

any idea ???

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Kindly uninstall and reinstall the excel packages alone in the studio and try once
For that go to Design tab in studio → manage packages → project dependencies-> where delete the excel package and reinstall it

—or if that doesn’t work uninstall the application itself and try once after reinstalling

Cheers @vamshiRaghava_Midjil