Errors In Process Mining

Resolution when it is not possible to log into Process Mining Portal.

Error message1: The user should not be used for testing applications, impersonate a real user instead.

Root Cause: It can be either of them,

  • If the user logged into the URL is a super admin user instead of an end user
  • If the URL used by the End_user is incorrect
  • If the environment is "X" then the
    • End User URL : https:///?environment=x

Error message 2: " There are no active applications to view. Please contact your administrator"

  • This error can occur if the logged-in environment does not have any active users, Should Enable / add users from the Super admin portal.
  • To add or enable users
    1. Go to the Superadmin Releases tab.
    2. Click on the menu icon in the top-left and select Open end-user administration
    3. Click on OPEN.
    4. Click on NEW USER.
    5. Enter a login user name in the Login Name field.
    6. Enter a new user name in the Email address field.
    7. Enter a new user name in the Name field.
    8. Click on NEW USER.