Error with SET ASSET in Orchestrator

im using the version 2018.1.1 in UiPath Studio and Orchestrator. I want to use “set asset” for enter a string in Orchestrator, but I have an exception:


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Check this out:

Please note that to execute this activity, the Robot role needs to have Edit permissions on assets. The activity runs under the Robot it executes it.


do not assign permissions to the robot in the orchestrator, thank!

How to set that permission for robot

Hi Deebiga,

In Orchestrator:

  • go to User menu - Users - Roles tab(or just go to UiPath)
  • there you have 2 roles by default: Administrator and Robot
  • Robot role - click edit
  • a modal window appears that allows you to check the permissions you need. For Set Asset you need to check the Edit permission on Assets.

Save your changes and run your process again.


Hi @ovi ,

I wrongly removed my admin access from roles. How can i get it back