Set Asset forbidden on admin account via Orchestrator and Studio


I have an issue with an invalid permission to use the Set Asset activity within a process, both via Studio and Orchestrator with only an Admin role in use. After searching the forums, I was only able to find similar topics that resulted in changing the permission for the Robot role, such as here.


  • The activity is used within my process that checks a website if a row is present that matches a certain condition (this website is updated continously). Once it has found a record, all the data is scraped and saved in an Excel file.
  • This process is running on a schedule, each time it runs it should evaluate whether a new record has been found. If it’s the same record as the previous iteration, it should do nothing (I only want a MsgBox on the first instance and not on all as it is doing now).
  • Scope of the variables used to store the GetAsset and scraped value are set to the entire overall sequence.
  • Without the set Asset activity, my process is running fine without isses both via Studio and Orchestrator.

The following outlines my current set-up

(Open image in new tab for full-size)

What could be cause of this error given;

  • Orchestrator and the robot are properly linked.
  • I only have an Admin role which should have all permissions by default and not a Robot role (of which some say both should be there by default)

Thanks for any help regarding this!

Hello @Arjen_Peters

The user id which your using should be robot (means in users tab it is mentioned as robot)
And also in roles tab there will 2 roles definitely, one is admin and other is robot

For robot edit the permission amd allow permission to edit the asset.

I hope it will solve your problem


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