Error while trying to retrieve text for error ORA-01019

so i just copy a project from other device to new device.

in new device i already install oracle instance client 32bit, by following this pdf steps:
1) oracle instant client manual book.pdf (194.3 KB)

the pdf is ofcourse also applied in old device.

but in new device, when running the project by UiPath studio, this error occured:

in odbcad32.exe , connection is successful but in UiPath studio i got zonk:

what else should i check & how?

Hi @wija

May be could be the reason for this issue

  1. The error “ORA-01019” is an Oracle Database error code that indicates the inability to connect to the database due to insufficient privileges.
  2. Check the Oracle database version.

Check out this thread


try read my pdf.

and i download latest version of oracle instance client 32bit
Instant Client for Windows 32-bit (

So, find out clue for the fix but don’t know how to execute it.

in odbcad32.exe , connection is successful (DSN name: abc)

when i try “test connection” in activity connect is successful and then the connection string automatically hardcoded (“Dsn=abc;uid=test;pwd=test”), after that i run the project no error occured:

when i’m using my own connection string the error occured:
connection string:
“Driver={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle};Server=(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=”+configIT_oracleDb_IP+“)(PORT=”+configIT_oracleDb_port.ToString+“))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=”+configIT_oracleDb_sid+“)));Uid=”+configIT_oracleDb_uid+“;Pwd=”+configIT_oracleDb_pwd+“;”

any idea what should i do from this clue?

^ i give up, in the end i change my connection string to follow this pattern. Because of this i have to add more variable & abandon some variables regarding my own connection string x_x

while in my old device, i’m using my own connection string and working just fine =_=

UiPath seems not so developer friendly :frowning:

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