Error while trying to activate UiPath Studio Community Edition

Hi all

Kindly help me in activating my UiPath Studio Community edition.Its been only a few weeks I started using this Community edition.I don’t think its due for renewal.I have not used any enterprise license key before.
My email id :

Installer(.exe or .msi): .exe

License type(Free, Trial/License code):Free

Studio/Robot version:Community Edition 19.3.0

Current behavior: Im not able to activate Community Edition.It throws the following error : Cannot use community edition after activating trial or enterprise license code.I have not used any license key before.This is a Community edition.


Thanks in adavance.

  1. If possible would you check help page and let us know the details.

If I click help it redirects to AboutLicensing in Uipath Studio guide.

@aruna06.rpa Before installing community edition enterprise edition is installed so you are not able to install.Contact support team Here

I didn’t install any enterprise edition before.I just installed the community edition few weeks back.

@aruna06.rpa Delete uipath folder from local drive c uninstall uipath studio and install again

Tried that already.It still shows the same error message.

Starting with 2019.4 this error is fixed:


Thank you.Installed 2019.4 version and its working fine.