Error While storing second page and so on pages data in excel file. using data scraping


I am trying to save my google search data in excel file. By using Data Scraping. But It will only store first page data not second. What can I do. Please give me solution.

this is my work flow.


while you extracting data using extract structured data there will be a option(pop up asking- do you want to extract data from multiple page there you have to select yes, and you can restrict the number of results you want to extract).


Hi @Divyashreem I was selected yes and giving there selector for getting next pages


Hi i think spanning the pages is not happening have u click the arrow button for next page while using data scarping


@shaik yes. while running it goes on different pages but at the time of storing into excel it was store only first page record.


HI swapnali,
how many records are u getting in the output when u scrape if u get 100 then while u scarpping u sholud change the number


Or in the properties options u can change the number from 100 to 10000 like that


@shaik but It does not give 100 records also. It only gives 20 record.


Then it will be error while scraping only please do it again once then u check it or please send me screeshot of the page


Which page screenshot you want to see.