Error while sorting the excel file using Sort Table activity

I trying to sort the excel file using Sort Table activity. I have used Create Table activity before the Sort Table. This is how it looks my file. But I am getting error ‘Unable to Sort the table’. Not sure why? Any inputs would be appreciated.

Your range is set from “A1:E1”. You need to either clear the range or extend the range to account for all rows. This will currently only turn the header row into a table.

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Thank you! After updating the range to accomodate all the rows I could sort the table. But what if I am not sure of the range and it changes dynamically ? What would be the range we give. I tried giving “” but did not work.

You could use the Read Range activity on the sheet and get the row count from the range. Based on that, you can calculate the range as "A1:E" + (Count + 1).ToString.

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@Anthony_Humphries Thank you so much for the quick input. That resolved my doubt here. Thanks!

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