Error while running "write cell" in Excel application scoope

Hi there!
I’ve got a problem while running “write cell” in Excel application scope.
My sequence is:
-Excel App Scope(://file.xlxs)
-read range (sheet1)
-append range(sheet2)
-write cell (sheet2, cell “C2”)

After running this process I recieve error that file is used by other application. Do you have an idea whats wrong might be?


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  1. Make sure your file is not opened manually or by any application before running your process.

  2. Kill the excel process before triggering your main workflow.

  3. Place all your activities inside the Excel application scope.

  4. In the properties of Excel Application Scope, disable the following options -

  • Create New File - When selected, if the workbook cannot be found at the specified path, a new Excel workbook is created with the name specified in the WorkbookPath property field. When cleared, if the workbook cannot be found at the specified path, an exception is thrown, informing the user. By default, this checkbox is selected.
  • Read-Only - Opens the specified workbook in Read-Only mode. Selecting this check box enables you to perform data extraction operations in an Excel file which is locked for editing or has an edit password. By default, this check box is not selected.

Karthik Byggari

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It stays the same:
"THe process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

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@Slavich You are using workbook write cell use excel write cell


Solved. You are right. Thank you!

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