~tt file has validation error

Scenario: ~tt file has validation error

Steps to reproduce: Publish a workflow file

Current Behavior: Showing an error message saying that ~tt file has validation error

Expected Behavior: Published

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: Studio 2016.2.6274

Last stable behavior: N/A
Last stable version: N/A
OS Version: Windows 10
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Can you run the workflow?

Hi Gabriel, The workflow runs fine with no problem, the issue only happens when I try to publish the workflow…

Can you upload it here?

CO_sample.xaml (10.1 KB)
Yes, please find a simplified version attached (with almost everything removed, but still cannot be published.)


I know if you have a .xaml workflow in the same folder that has validation errors then it won’t let you publish it since it publishes all files in the folder. So, if that’s the case rename the file that has errors or fix the errors in all files, then publish should work.


Thank you Clayton! That solved the problem.