Error while deploying the Document Understanding ML Skill in AI Center

Hello, I’m trying to deploy few of the OOB models in AI Center. I uploaded the 23.4.0 DU Semistructured offline bundle. I uploaded the metadata for Invoices, Checks, Receipts etc. and all of them were uploaded and I created ML Skills. But when I try Document Understanding ML Package, the Package is getting created, but I am not able to create a skill. It fails with the error below;

Service Exception 400: InvalidDoctype - Unknown doctype du, not found in model tasks. Please train model on given doctype


Before creating a skill you need to train the model


Hello @midhunsug661

  1. Verify document types match those trained.
  2. Check the model’s training for those document types.
  3. Ensure you use the correct model version.
  4. Review skill configuration and document type mappings.
  5. Check metadata and AI Center version.
  6. Examine error details and logs.

Thanks & Cheers!!!