Error when using "Read range" on only 1 row with header


When using the function “Read range” with an excel with 2 rows (1 header-row and 1 row with data) the output Data Table only consist of one element, the starting cell for the “Read range” function. Is this how it is suppose to be?

hi @Haerd could you share screenshot…

Hi @shalinisettu, I wrote a test to provide a screenshot and it seems to work with the test. Must be on my end with the specific file I was trying to read. Will investigate and follow up.

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In READ RANGE activity mention the range as “”
So that it will read from starting cell till end

Cheers @Haerd

I don’t know whats causing the error with the specific file. I copy pasted the content of it into a new excel file and it worked.

@Palaniyappan Thnx for the help, but I needed to start on A4 and read from there :wink:

I will mark this is solved, still a strange interaction with excel.


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