Error when using click activity in web recording



I used web recording and the first link activity i recorded was already an error. I tried toggling the selector but the result was it brought me to a different web page, is there another way to perform the click and get the desired result?




Hi Larry,

If you open UiExplorer and then using that, Indicate the Element you desire on the website, and compare it to the one you’re using here.


This selector also doesn’t seem very stable, it is best not to use those which contain strings of numbers, as website code is prone to change over time. If you want to drop a screenshot in here of what UiExplorer shows in its selection pane we could help you.



Hi Alex.

I did what you said and the UI element was different. But when i ran the same sequence again today, it says it cant find the page unlike yesterday when it opened the web page and got an error on the click activity. is this a common thing?