Click activity isn't working



Hello UiPath,

First of all I want to thank you all for your support in helping us rookies.

I am having issue with ‘click activity’ that works 5 out of 10 times, please find the image below that appears on the bottom of the page when I click on a file that I want to download. I tried using element exists before click activity but still no luck, I built workflows for multiple websites and this step is always the issue for me, it works fine sometimes and all of sudden stops working.

please help me find a solution.




Hi @SriRana,

There are several ways to verify the popup window for Save. I like to use the On Element Appear which is attached to the popup window and then click on the Save drop down. However for varying sites you have to make sure the window is attached correctly and possibly make it a wildcard selector for the drop down.

I would suggest using the UiExplorer to get the right selectors.



Agree with you.
Can you show me your selectors for all these 3 activities?
Properties of these are also necessary to be set so that they are alwz stable.


It works now!
actually the selector i got with click activity is different from UIExplorer, so once I replaced it, it works fine.

Thank you both,