Error: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'version')

Hey guys,

I maked like they said and I upgraded packages according to 「Value cannot be null. Parameter name: source」error happens when the robot begins but this version (Mime-Detective 23.10.1) were not available from UiPath-Official, so I download it manualy from and then I added to local folder with packages and installed it. Now I do not have warning about upgrade this packages, but I have error that packake is not avalible from UiPath-Official (hello, I know that :frowning: ). How fix that? And also still have error if I wont publish packages.

Estou com o mesmo problema

Can you share these details?

Studio version?
Studio project archived in a Zip file.
Do you have added the ( as the Official feed? If yes, it is accessible?

In last days I been out from office.
23.10 (1,3 KB)
I have as the Official feed and I can install packages from it.
I copied and pasted some activities from older project, because I need them in new project and then I installed needed packages.

I cannot do nothing with the project.json.

Check internally especially the invoked workflows in your Studio if the variables are correctly configured.

If you copied and pasted some parts of the code from a lower version, there is a chance that something was skipped and is not present in the new Studio. Double check this aspect.

I found it. UiPath.PDF.Activities in 3.16 version have a bug/problem or it not compatible with other packages/activities in my project… When i downgrade to 3.14 then it is allright.

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