Error Validation when deploying ML package

Hello Guys,
I tried deploying a ML model with a zip file on AiCenter .And even though I have a fully working script locally it won’t let me deploy. I checked the file and to me there is no problem .
Have any of you already had this problem ?

Here is what the log is showing : “Reason: Missing Main class in file”

Thanks for you answers


Check below for your reference

Hope this will help you



I already followed these steps when uploading the ML packages in the first place. This is what led me to this error.

But thanks for the help

Hi @a.maquanino
Would it be possible to share your zip file? You can probably remove the trained model at this stage as this is just for validation.


I opened a ticket, and the guys found that in my script file I had some comments that included french special characters such as “é”. I removed the comments and now I don’t have the issue anymore.

Best Regards