Error AI Center - Validation failed


I have an error in the AI ​​Center, I’m trying to import the ML package and it’s giving a validation error, I’ve tried several ways and the error continues.

I would suspect that your zip file and root folder in it don’t have same name. Could you check that?


Yes, they have the same name. I’m using the document undestanding ok semi-structured model.

oh but htis is not an ML Package, this is the dataset.

ok, i was generating the package in document understanding.

Where could I generate this package to import? could you send me the path please?


Please fo to the ml packages and there you can download the package from options and that is to be imported as package

Hope this helps


Hi @Igor_Setubal

I am not clear about one thing. Can you tell me which action generated that log message saying validation failed?

Is it the export itself from Document Manager or were you trying to run a training or evaluation pipeline?

If its a pipeline, can you show how you did the pipeline configuration?