Error : Using activity HTML To Data tables

I have a Input of Mail_Body Which Contains a Table I want to convert that to data table usinng this Activity But When I use this The output is always null but the mail have a table …can anyone help me with this

hello @Karthikeyan34

i have one idea , might work for you,

-once you read the mail ,save the mail as .mht file(store it locally)

-open .mht file then it will open with any of the browser.

-once it is open you will easily get the selectors for the values which you want to retributive.

give a try.


But @Ajju i want to do this with this activity

but @Karthikeyan34 mail body returns only string not html string, that is the issue your facing in that activity.

if it is a html text then activity works fine.


Thanks dude then how to make it as html string or else how to get the table without mht or excel @Ajju

@Karthikeyan34 only i have the above idea which i have worked with.

hope other forum members will help you


Thanks @Ajju