Unable to extract table from email body

I have tried using html custom activity and also many approaches but still couldn’t get the table from email body, done that with Outlook but with exchange mail its ain’t working.

Could you try to write out the email body as a .html text file, then open it in the browser and use the Table Extraction activity?

Have tried that but the activity is displaying error

Hi @Sai_deepthi

Save the mail as .mht format and use start process activity to open the saved .mht file and then use the extract data table activity so that the data table will be extracted.

Hope it works !!

Hi @Sai_deepthi

Make sure that the email you are trying to extract the table from actually contains a table in its body. You can manually inspect the email content to confirm this. Sometimes, the email might not have a table structure, or the table might be embedded in a different format, such as HTML, which requires additional processing.