Change email body from string to HTML

Hi Team,

I have a requirement of extracting table data from email body, for which I am using “extractdatatablesfromHTML” activity, but as the email body is in string , it is not working properly. Is there any way of converting the email body in string to HTML. Please help.

I am using getoutlookmailmessage activity to fetch the mail list.
@Yoichi any suggestions from your end would be of great help

when email body is not HTML string then we would assume that the datatable looks like e.g. CSV data. Can you share some samples with us. Thanks

It is not a csv table

Hi @Ritika_Singh ,

For this what was the method used to extract mail body ? Have you tried using the below method ?




What was the output received when you used the above method? was it empty ?

HTML is string. It’s just a string that contains HTML tags. All you have to do is use HTML tags in the string, use it for the Body of the email, and set the email property to HTML.

@postwick Everyone knows HTML is a string

It seems the OP doesn’t.

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