Error the following overload groups: DataRow, Row


i have the following error: DataRow, Row  when i used add data row:

hi @abdel
May we know what properties have you set for data row

Ashwin S

Hello @abdel,

Please read once this article then commence implementing it,


Thank you,

now before that i had an error: Write Range : The range does not exist

I’m extracting 2 datatable from different excels, and using “write range” put them in another excel file, i can see the execution on the screen but when opening the file, i can see only the first extracted one.

Hello @abdel,

could you please attach your xaml and excel file?


I have used One string in array,
CurrentRow in datarow, and
datatable_name in datatable.
what to do now

Can there be no Data Row. Will it work.