Error while entering data row into data table

I have an input dialogue box, for every execution i enter some data. and that data to be stored in an excel file. after running my work flow i’m getting this error “Input array is longer than the number of columns in this table”. What could b the reason and how can i resolve it.

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I hope you would have pass the value to datatable with ADD DATAROW ACTIVITY with ArrayRow property mentioned as input
Here we need to ensure that the number of elements In the array mentioned in ArrayRow should be equal to the number of columns in your datatable mentioned in the ADD DATAROW activity
Kindly check that once
Cheers @Chaitanya_podilapu

I read data table from a blank excel sheet

Ok so where you are getting this error like at which activity
Cheers @Chaitanya_podilapu

At add datarow activity.
here is my workflowtesting.xaml (12.9 KB)
Check once if you have time for this

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Here you go
hope its resolved (3.5 KB)
Cheers @Chaitanya_podilapu

Nope, here i’m getting the following error at write range.

I guess i can only store current input in the excel. I also wanted to store all the previous inputs

its working fine me buddy
fine use this and let know pls (3.6 KB)
Cheers @Chaitanya_podilapu

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It worked fine this time but i can only print current input. i also want to print the previous data as well. like the input i gave in previous execution time. And about the above xaml file, I didn’t quite understand the difference why i got error in before testing file. My excel application is already closed while i executing.

yes thats possible
but for that we need to have some data in a excel and get the data from EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE and use READ RANGE activity, get the output with a variable of type datatable named dt, so that we will be getting the previously added data to that excel with previous run
–then instead of BUILD DATATABLE activity use this datatable dt in add datarow so that new rows will be added to that datatable
–then use WRITE RANGE activity after using ADD DATAROW so that it will have the previous run data as well


sometimes excel application file will run in background as a process
so that would lead us to such error
on using KILL PROCESS activity that would be rectified

Cheers @Chaitanya_podilapu

@Palaniyappan So we can’t read a blank sheet to datable. Either CSV or Excel? There must be some values to read

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