Error[Read Range: Extension 'zip' is not supported. Supported extensions are '.xlsx', '.xlsm', '.xltx' and '.xltm'.]

Hi all,
I’m migrating my uipath projects from another laptop. I have unzipped the file but when I run the robot it show [Read Range: Extension ‘zip’ is not supported. Supported extensions are ‘.xlsx’, ‘.xlsm’, ‘.xltx’ and ‘.xltm’.]
Any idea to fix it? thanks:))
Below are my attachments to show the error:


HI @RPA_Innovation

You can’t able to Read the .zip extension file in Read Range activity.

You should read only the Excel file in that activity.

Hi @RPA_Innovation

Before reading the excel file You need to Unzip the folder.

For Unzip check out this thread

After that you can Use read Range activity to Read the excel file.


I actually unzipped the file before I run the .xaml file, do I still need to use the unzip files activity?

Hi @RPA_Innovation

In the filename you have the Zip extension, so you are facing the error. Check out the Screenshot


I see, so in order to modify the filename in local, the only way is to use unzip activity in uipath studio?

Hi @RPA_Innovation,

If you’re unzipping the file you need to update filename to the filepath of the unzipped file. You can try unzipping the file and then doing this in an assign:

filename = System.IO.Directory.GetFiles(YourFilepath)(0)

I recently developed a similar function:

Yes @RPA_Innovation unzip the folder and use excel file.