Unable to publish the code To Orchestrator

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I need a help here. Am trying to publish the code to orchestrator. But getting an error like Forbidden .

To resolve this issue, you can follow these steps:

  1. Check user permissions: Ensure that the user account you are using to publish the code has the appropriate permissions in Orchestrator. The user should have the “Packages > View” and “Packages > Create” permissions at the folder level where you are trying to publish the package.
  2. Verify API key permissions: If you are using an API key for authentication, make sure that the API key has the necessary permissions to publish packages. You can check and modify the API key permissions in the Orchestrator settings.
  3. Validate folder access: Confirm that the folder in Orchestrator where you are trying to publish the package is accessible to your user account. If the folder is restricted, you may need to request access from the Orchestrator administrator or adjust the folder permissions accordingly.
  4. Retry the publish: After verifying the permissions and access, try publishing the code again. Ensure that you are using the correct Orchestrator URL, authentication method, and credentials/API key.

out of 4 solutions am able to publish one solution to orchestrator other three am getting an error forbidden even i tried to publish by custom while uploading to package manually am getting 101 error cant connect to server

If you are encountering the “Forbidden” error when publishing to Orchestrator and also experiencing a “101” error when manually uploading a package, it indicates that there might be connectivity or configuration issues between your UiPath Studio and the Orchestrator server. Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Check Orchestrator URL: Ensure that you are using the correct URL for your Orchestrator instance. Double-check the URL, including any subdomains or specific paths required for your setup.
  2. Verify network connectivity: Make sure that you have a stable internet connection and can access the Orchestrator server from your machine. Check if there are any network restrictions or firewalls that might be blocking the connection.
  3. Validate Orchestrator configuration: Verify the Orchestrator configuration settings in UiPath Studio. Go to the “Home” tab, click on “Settings” in the “Start” section, and check the Orchestrator settings. Ensure that the URL, credentials/API key, and other details are correct.
  4. Confirm Orchestrator version compatibility: Ensure that your version of UiPath Studio is compatible with the version of Orchestrator you are using. Check the release notes and compatibility matrix provided by UiPath to ensure there are no version conflicts.


Can you please show the full mesaage you are getting

Is the version number already presnet in orchestrator?



Please open logs and check for detailed error details from it…using timestamp you can find


Hi @bharathi_ganesan

The “Forbidden” error typically indicates that the user or account you are using does not have the necessary permissions to perform the action of publishing the code to Orchestrator. Ensure that the user or account you are using has the appropriate permissions to publish processes to Orchestrator. In UiPath Orchestrator, verify that the user is assigned to a role that has the necessary publishing rights. Contact your Orchestrator administrator if you are unsure about the permissions.