Error Pop Out When Window lock out

Dear Community,

May i know if anyone facing same issue before on the matter below ?

I want to run the UiPath to extract document from browser and the list of document to be extracted is quite long. Hence, UiPath need to extract about 100 documents.

I leave the laptop there and let UiPath run. But i notice that Uipath will give me error due to window auto lock out due to inactivity.

May i know how can i solve the above issue?

Thank you.

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Hi @SH_94

Are u running this process from orchestrator?


May I know are you using Attended or Unattended BOT ?

Hi ,

I run this from my Citrix virtual desktop.

Hi @lakshman ,

I use the attended bot to run from my citrix virtual desktop.

Thank you.


But we can do that setting with your windows settings
And UiPath can run on top of it

We can stablize on either side
With windows or with UiPath

Here we can do this with windows

  1. Right click on your Desktop then choose personalize.
  2. On your left choose Lock Screen.
  3. Click on Screen Timeout Settings.
  4. On the Screen option, Choose Never.
  5. On the Sleep option, Choose Never.

Cheers @SH_94

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In that case, I hope your local system getting locked but not Citrix virtual machine where the BOT is running. If yes then BOT should not fail of local system is getting locked.

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